Manual of Biomass Measurements
in plantation and in regenerated vegetation



I. Estimating Biomass in Plantations
I-1 Plot/Setting a plot for measuring
I-2 Fundamental information of the plot
I-3 Felling sample trees
I-4 Measuring fresh weight of each organ of a sample tree
I-5 Collecting samples for dry weight estimate
I-6 Drying samples

II. Estimating Biomass in Bush or in Regenerated Vegetation
II-1 Plot/Setting a plot for measurement
II-2 Measuring

III. Estimating Biomass in plantation
III-1 Estimating Total Dry Weight of each sample tree
III-2 Estimating Biomass using allometric relation
III-3 Leaf Area Index (LAI)

IV. Estimating Biomass in Bush or in Regenerated Vegetation


Quantitative estimate in Carbon sequestration through tree plantation offers a very important piece of information for policy makers concerned with CDM (Clean Development Mechanism). As is obviously known, Carbon sink in terms of biomass accumulation varies with given conditions of a location such as its soil fertility, climate, human impacts, plantation management and so on. This manual provides a standard method of estimating biomass for the quantity of carbon sinks.

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